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Mastering Xcelsius (SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards) Webcast Series

Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) has created a new Special Interest Group (SIG), the Global BusinessObjects Network (GBN) that focuses on providing both valuable educational offerings and an influential voice to the large group of SAP® BusinessObjects™-only customers. Content focus is on core SAP BusinessObjects tools like SAP® BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence®, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius), and SAP® Crystal Reports®.

As part of this initiative and to accommodate the busy schedules of BI professionals, the SIG is launching a miniseries of webcasts, “Mastering SAP BusinessObjects”, to provide training that covers functionality and best practices for core SAP BusinessObjects products. While each webcast is self-contained, together they build a comprehensive educational offering for each of the tools.

The first series, “Mastering Xcelsius (SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards)” consists of seven webcasts covering the key functionality of this versatile BI dashboarding tool. The first webcast in this series is open to non-ASUG members and then will receive a special offer to become an ASUG member so they may attend all the others. The registration link for non-members is provided at the bottom of the event detail page.

April 12: Mastering Xcelsius Charts – This session will help the dashboard developer answer the question, “Which chart should I use for this data?” We will cover all the native chart components included in SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards/Xcelsius, and discuss reasons for choosing the best chart to visualize various data sets, as well as how to implement native functionality within the chart components to view the data best.

Non-ASUG members can register for this webinar by following this link.

April 26: Mastering Xcelsius Selectors: Part 1 – In this session we will discuss all 19 of the selector components in SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards/Xcelsius and how they function and differ from one another. We will discuss the advantages/disadvantages of using one type of selector over another. We will also discuss containers and how they function as well as the advantages/disadvantages of using them.

May 10: Mastering Xcelsius Selectors : Part 2 – The second session on selectors will get into the “magic” of selectors and how selectors are used to move data behind the scenes; how they can be used with dynamic visibility to display and hide charts; as well as how they can be used to answer query prompts to reduce the amount of data loading into the dashboard.

May 24: Mastering Xcelsius Dynamic Visibility – This session will explain how we make charts appear and disappear with the click of a button, and the beauty of being able to “layer” components on a dashboard and have them display at the proper time. This is the key to being able to have hundreds of components in one dashboard, but only displaying certain ones at any given time. We will start with basic hide/display options and also cover more complex situations, with multiple conditions.

June 7: Mastering Xcelsius Filtered Rows – This option to filter data was a game changer for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards/Xcelsius and helps to eliminate the need for many formulas. We will cover how the filtered row option works both in direct filtering and also in behind the scenes “hidden” filtering.

June 23: Mastering Xcelsius Drill Down/Insertion – One of the great interactive options in SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards/Xcelsius is being able to click on a bar in a chart or a slice in a pie chart and seeing the “next level down” in another chart. This session will cover how we accomplish this, both in the basic “drill down” but also covering some advanced uses, for example, what if your chart has multiple series? How do you capture the input when the user can click on more than one bar/series? This session will show the tips and tricks used to achieve both basic and advanced drill down techniques.

June 28: Mastering Xcelsius Alerts – Ever wonder how to add alerts to your dashboard to convey meaning? This session will discuss how we can combine the prudent use of color and symbols to help focus attention to areas on the dashboard that need attention.

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