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Xcelsius Dashboard Add-On Components

Xcelsius dashboard add-ons provide additional components to further extend the functionality and visual content of your Xcelsius dashboards.  The following is an overview of getdVeloping, Inovista, Centigon and Data Savvy components.

Get Dveloping - Xcelsius Dashboard Add-On Components

Advanced iFrame

One of our most powerful addons to date. This component allows you to embed web content within your dashboard. That in itself doesn’t sound too powerful, but imagine if you had a dashboard and within that you embeded another dashboard, kind of like the native SWF loader component. Now it’s sounding more useful. Not only are you able to embed dashboards within each other, the Advanced IFrame component also permits you to pass data to and from the child and parent dashboards.

With this parent <-> child communication, and the ability to seamlessly integrate dashboards inside each other, you are now able to split your development of complex dashboards into individual models and then use the Advanced IFrame component to “stitch” them back together into a cohesive, complete model. Never before did you have the ability to truly parallel develop with Xcelsius.

We have used this modular approach in some of our most complicated dashboard projects, and the ability to split each page / screen into it’s own individual XLF has been invaluable. No longer are we fighting against corrupt files when they become too large, or risking impacting the whole dashboard when making changes to one screen.

d3 Chord Diagram

The chord diagram is a data visualization displaying the relationships between data. The data is arranged in a circle with the relationships represented as arcs between segments. A good example of a chord diagram is showing the states people live in now compared to where they grew up. This diagram will show the trend in the migration of people to and from various states. The d3 Chord Diagram add-on supports both SWF and HTML5 output from Xcelsius.

Data Mover

A mobile compatible alternative to the Source Data component. This is a direct mirror of the Source Data component, yet comes with both SWF and HTML5 support, whether you are dCoding your dashboard, or using native SAP BI Mobile, you can leverage this component.


Do you need to delay moving data in your dashboard? Perhaps you need to show a loading screen for a few seconds whilst some calculations are performed? The delay component can provide this capability for you. In addition to delaying the movement of data, delay can be used to continually loop, much like the SWF play component. Using delay in this way, you can achieve animated effects in your SWF and HTML5 dashboards.

Flat UI

When developing dashboards in Xcelsius, we seem to be constantly layering multiple components on top of each other to get the look we are after. Our goal is to make developing dashboards easier and quicker. We’ve created this pack of 6 add-ons that have a flat UI look and feel, whilst maintaining the same functionality you’d expect from their native Xcelsius counterpart. In some cases we’ve enhanced the native functionality (binding the state of a checkbox for example). Includes: Button, Check Box, Radio Button, Slider and Dual Slider, Toggle Switch, Dropdown.

HTML5 Vars

A mobile replacement for the SWF Flash Vars. This component allows you to pass data into your dCoded dashboard via the website URL.

Trend Icons

Showing an indication of trend in your data can be a great addition to a visualization. The native trend icons are only SWF compatible, so will not appear in your HTML5 dashboard. We have created this simple component to allow you to show trends (either upwards, even or downwards) as either arrows or signal strength bars. The colors can all be customized and the component is both SWF and HTML5 compatible.

Inovista Components

The Tree and Data Grid Components

Powerful productivity tools  to create standard or hierarchical tree structures including micro charts.

The Micro Chart Suite

Full range of spark lines, micro charts, icons, text and shape indicators

The SVG Components

Create functional Xcelsius components from Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files. All components come with a range of templates that can be used as is or further customized in products like Adobe Illustrator

The SVG Controller

Convert Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files into a component that can be used in Xclesius©.

The Text Shapes Suite

A range of customizable geometric shapes and text with extensive editing capabilities that can be deployed to enhance  Xcelsius© dashboards

The Organization Chart

Converts Excel spreadsheet data into a dynamic hierarchical format.

The IMT Slider

Capability to adjust data ranges for Xcelsius components at run time.

Mobile Components and Tools.

A range of tools and components (some with touch gestures) which can be used to convert an Xcelsius Dashboard  to an Android or Apple (iOS) mobile application



Essentials Bundle includes :

Background Builder to create enhanced dashboard backgrounds

Dynamic Sort for dynamic sorting and ranking capabilities

Filtered Summary provides  drag and drop aggregation capabilities into your dashboard

Input Manager to control complex calculators and ‘what-if’ analysis within a dashboard

 CMaps Plugin

CMaps Plugin (formerly GMaps Plugin ) is Centigon Solutions 4th generation integration for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius). Integrating maps visualizations across your organization is easier than ever! CMaps Plugin transforms a consumer friendly map experience into a powerful enterprise location analytic tool without a reliance on expensive server software, GIS system, or coding. Customize map drill-down and visualization to your business requirements for any industry or line of business and instantly deploy to business users.


DataSavvy Components

Dashboard Printer

Dash printer is a new print capability for Xcelsius dashboards that can capture part or full screen views and then preview and arrange the dashboard captures in custom views .

The captured views can be annotated and shared with other users in formats like Image, PDF, Word and PowerPoint.

InfoSol is a partner of Inovista, Centigon Solutions and Data Savvy.