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InfoBurst Tab

Leverage the power of BusinessObjects with Tableau. Infoburst Tab provides interoperability with BusinessObjects reports and Tableau.

Finally real integration with no manual steps, and no compromise:

  • Automated and seamless integration.
  • Instead of having to use either Excel or generic and often incomplete data connection solution, you can deliver your Universe or Report Data directly into a Tableau Data Extract (TDE).

Your BusinessObjects data delivered where and how you want:

  • You can schedule delivery of your report data based on time and/or event.
  • Webi report can be intelligently burst or split allowing filtered content to be delivered to multiple TDE’s.
  • Allows for delivery to multiple destinations including Network share folders, Tableau server (on premise or in the cloud), SharePoint, FTP and Email

Powerful tools and options:

  • Includes a powerful macro builder that can use original file name, filters, date, time to dynamically name TDE’s something meaningful to the user.
  • InfoBurst has a rich array of distribution options and can provide an automated way for Tableau desktop users to distribute their dashboards with or without Tableau server.

You can also check out Paul’s blog post on InfoBurst Tab!

InfoBurst Tab Schematic

Tableau Data Extract (TDE) Delivery

Your existing Web Intelligence reports can deliver a Tableau Data Extract (TDE) file which is ideal for Tableau analytics and data discovery. InfoBurst Schedules can refresh the TDE files when the back end data gets updated. With single-pass bursting capabilities, refresh the report once and create multiple TDE files.

Tableau Server

The Tableau Data Extract (TDE) files can be directly to the Tableau Server. InfoBurst Scheduler updates the TDE’s on the server as well.

Tableau Burst Option

Create a master Tableau Dashboard and burst the dashboard into multiple Tableau dashboards/workbooks using single pass bursting. Personalize Tableau dashboards by recipient.

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