InfoSol® is a visionary provider of information systems solutions delivering quality, compelling and effective business intelligence and custom applications. Understanding a client’s specific business and unique needs is always a part of any solution we provide.

Our logo is based on the Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus which has several meanings, one of which is a symbol of knowledge. InfoSol uses the combined knowledge of its talented and experienced consultants to see beyond the business issue and deliver results. In addition, we transfer that knowledge to you.

As a leading provider of SAP BusinessObjects consulting, products, education and technical support coupled with an in-house product development team and partnerships with other leading Business Intelligence solutions providers around the world, InfoSol® offers the “best in class” and most innovative SAP BusinessObjects platform solutions.  These include InfoBurst® for Automated Report and Dashboard Bursting/Publishing, along with Intelligent Cache Query for optimal dashboard performance and scalability. Having more than fifteen years of experience in providing end-to-end Business Intelligence applications, InfoSol sees beyond the data to deliver visionary solutions that inspire.

InfoSol also provides custom application development and COBOL migration solutions.

InfoSol is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and operates world-wide. InfoSol Canada, located in Windsor, Ontario, serves our Canadian market.  InfoSol Ltd, located in Bristol, serves our European, Middle East, and Africa markets.

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