Aluminium Industry Just Loving BI Dashboards

I recently had an article entitled Data Dashboards to Improve a Company’s Business Intelligence published in Aluminium International Today – Jan/Feb in print. This happened following a keynote I delivered at an Aluminum Conference in Oman last November.

A .pdf copy of the article which I wrote based on my presentation can be accessed from their website

When I delivered a keynote session at an Aluminium Conference in Oman last November, I was addressing an audience of Aluminium experts and executives. In addition, most of the participants were from the Arabian Gulf or other countries around the world and English was not their first language. Even if it was, I quickly learned that only in the US it is pronounced “Aluminum” whereas the rest of the world says “Aluminium”! (turn up your speaker volume and listen here)

Every other presentation had been directly and specifically related to the Aluminium industry and mine was entitled “Inspired Business Intelligence”.

So what, may you ask, has Inspired Business Intelligence and the Aluminium industry got to do with each other?

The answer is absolutely everything as I clearly showed in my Blog last November – Dashboards Making Big Waves at Omani Aluminium Company

After explaining to the audience what business intelligence is through a series of examples and then what inspired business intelligence was all about, I showed how two very different Aluminium companies had used business intelligence dashboards to both improve their operation and help initiate a culture change within their organizations.

sample dashboard

InfoSol has been developing business intelligence solutions in the mining and metals industries for a number of years and we have built up a solid expertise around the unique reporting challenges and key metrics used to monitor performance for these companies. This includes initiatives around safety, environment and sustainability which have become very prominent in these industries in the last few years. Some of these solutions will be presented and demonstrated in the Inspired Business Intelligence Solutions 2.0 Case Study track at IBIS 2012 in June.


InfoSol will also be exhibiting at The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) annual conference held in Orlando, Florida from March 11-15. TMS 2012 is expected to attract over 4,000 industry leaders from over 70 countries and this year they will be treated to some Inspired Business Intelligence.

All-in-all, it looks like the Aluminium industry is getting pretty excited about inspired business intelligence and especially BI dashboards and we are getting equally excited with the future prospect of an inspired Aluminium industry.

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