BusinessObjects Joins The Immortals

SAP recently announced a further extension of the BusinessObjects roadmap along with a new cadence of software releases.

The next major release of BusinessObjects, BI 2025, will be the first of a new naming convention and release pattern going forward.

Previous releases with BusinessObjects 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 have followed a pattern of a new service pack annually for up to 5 years which contains both fixes and new features/functionality. The five years is followed by two years of Priority 1 support where the release remains supported but no further fixes, updates or patches are delivered.

The new releases from BI 2025 onwards will now be fully supported for 2 years with an additional year of priority 1 support. Minor releases (equivalent to the old service packs containing both fixes and new features/functionality) will now be available every two years and will be named BI 2027 and then BI 2029 and so on.

Part of the rationale behind this is to bring more stability to new BusinessObjects updates which has been an issue with BI 4.3 (yes, they heard you!).

The more exciting news that also came with this announcement was some of the new features that SAP is planning to include with BI 2025.

Firstly, Web Intelligence will have further data visualization and dashboarding capabilities and a further enhanced user interface. There will be a slew of new visualizations from the UI5 library now included. Components like scrollable tables and integration with Google maps to create almost any type of visualization.

Some of these components can be used to create new offline Webi reports and dashboards where a data set can be embedded and then distributed so that a user can interact with the report/dashboard without being connected to BusinessObjects.

There will be the ability to create KPI widgets that will dynamically update and can be viewed in the BI Launchpad. There will also be some very cool new tool tip features.

Crystal Reports will also continue to be enhanced. We recently saw the ability for Crystal Reports to use a universe through IDT (BI 4.3 SP4) and there will be a brand-new desktop viewer than can be used both on-line and offline.

SAP is also promising to simplify the upgrade process in BI 2025 going forward which is long overdue and will be celebrated by BusinessObjects administrators everywhere!

An early version of BI 2025 is expected to be available in December and SAP is looking to run an “Early Adopter Care Program” for the first few months of 2025 for any customer who would like to go into production with the release while receiving exclusive support from the SAP BusinessObjects product group. If you are interested, you can email . The release will then be generally available after this program in 2025.

There will also be an exclusive opportunity to test drive an early version of BI 2025 at this year’s IBIS 2024 under the guidance of the SAP BusinessObjects product engineering group.

There is a lot to look forward to with BusinessObjects over the next decade but what is most important about this announcement is that there is no end of life for the most popular BI suite in the world and, in my book, no end of life equates to immortal.

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