Managed Services

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Today, many BusinessObjects deployments do not require a full-time BusinessObjects Administrator to manage them, yet it is often challenging for existing resources to successfully manage on a part-time basis. BusinessObjects requires monitoring, tuning, updating, and addressing unexpected issues, requiring specialized troubleshooting. InfoSol’s BusinessObjects Managed Services is a flexible solution to manage your BusinessObjects environment by keeping BusinessObjects running smoothly, while avoiding costly outages.


  • Annual On-site Health Check (Establish deployment and audit usage and performance)
  • Remote Consulting Hours (~ 15 to 40 hours per month for all BusinessObjects administration and troubleshooting tasks)
  • Remote After Hour Support- (Resolve system down situations overnight, weekends or holidays)


  • Access to InfoSol online support site for assistance
  • InfoSol will assign a minimum of 2 specialists to your deployment (a primary and secondary) remote connection via secure VPN
  • Optional connection to your help desk system for automated dispatching of BusinessObjects support issues

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