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Crystal Reports – Changing Grid Size

Question: How can I change my grid size from measuring in inches to centimeters?

Answer: Change your overall Regional and Language Options in the Control Panel.

When working on reports that contain many objects in one section, it is very helpful to turn on the grid in Crystal.

File>Options>Layout (tab)>Design View check the Grid checkbox.

When you do this, dots appear in each section when in “Design” mode, which makes lining up objects much easier. (See below)

But, notice that the Grid size is measured in inches…what if you want to measure it in centimeters?

To change this to measure in centimeters:

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel

  1. Double-click on Regional and Language Options.
  2. Click on the Customize button on the Regional and Language Options window.

  1. Under the Measurement System drop-down menu select Metric.

  1. Click on the Apply button and then Ok to close out of the Customize Regional Options window.


  1. Click the OK button on the Regional and Language Options window.


  1. Re-Open Crystal Reports.


  1. Go to the File>Options>Layout (tab). Grid size should now be measured in Centimeters.

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  1. no need of doing above

    just go to layout / designer

    check all unchecked boxes and it will save settings.

  2. Thankssssss

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