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Crystal Reports – Control the Level of Drill Down

Question: When publishing a summary report to Enterprise using the Suppress Section feature the users think they can drill down on a report and expect to see details but do not. Is there anyway to turn off drill down when suppressing a section?

Answer: No, but you can use the DrillDownGroupLevel function to alert your users that there are no details on the report to drill down on.

Example Issue: Customer Order Summary report is being used to show summary information ONLY to executives and summary and detail information to managers. The executive Customer Order Summary report uses the Suppress Section feature, but executives accidentally keep clicking on the total order amount field and get a new page with the same customer information repeated.

What is the DrillDownGroupLevel function?

  • Returns the Group Level of the Current view.
  • Returns a 0 if no drill down has occurred.
  • Example: Our report has:
    • Group 1: which is the grouping by customer.
    • Group 2: which is the grouping by order.

So, if I drill down on customer in this case the value returned by this function would be 1 because that is my Group 1.

  • Suppress is a Checkbox – needs to return a boolean value.
  • Since we only want our message in the text box to show up ONLY when the user tries to drill down we need to set the text box suppression formula to suppress when no drill down has occurred or when the group level (or DrillDownGroupLevel) =0.
  • So, the text box will be suppressed when the result DrillDownGroupLevel =0 is true.


Step 1: We need to add a text box to the summary section that the user accidentally tries to drill down on, stating: “There are no details available on this report. If you would like to review details please run the Customer Orders Summary and Detail report.”

Step 2: Then, we will format this text box and put in a formula next to the suppress check box on this text box where we will use the DrillDownGroupLevel function.

Step 3: Then in the formula editor, we will add the DrillDownGroupLevel function in the formula box next to suppress check box and enter DrillDownGroupLevel = 0. This way when the user has NOT drilled down (group level =0), the message will NOT appear. But, once they drill down this function will evaluate to false (same as the suppress checkbox not being checked) and the text box with our message WILL appear.

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