InfoBurst Squirrel

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InfoBurst Squirrel = Squirrel365 + InfoBurst Dash

Using InfoBurst helps you extend the value and usability of a Squirrel dashboard.

What can InfoBurst do for Squirrel?

  • Host a dashboard in the InfoBurst Portal
  • Burst and deliver a dashboard offline
  • Embed a dashboard in a PowerPoint Slide

InfoBurst Squirrel: Fast Deployment, Less Resources, BI Dashboard Apps

See how InfoBurst Squirrel helped create a faster, more efficient dashboard solution:


Examples of customers leveraging InfoBurst Squirrel

InfoBurst Squirrel Customer Examples

InfoBurst Squirrel Dashboard Example: Parking Violations

InfoBurst Squirrel Parking Violations Burea Dashboard

Customers of All Types and Sizes Using Squirrel365 with InfoBurst Dash Today:

Customers of all Types and Sizes Using Squirrel365 with IB Dash Today

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