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InfoBurst Tab- Get More Value Out of Tableau

Get more value out of Tableau with InfoBurst Tab. Schedule, Burst, Publish, Cache with Tableau and more…

InfoBurst Tab offers customizable scheduling, publishing and distribution options for your Tableau content including:

  • Time and Event Based Scheduling – Automated Scheduling of Tableau Hyper extracts based on time, database triggers, ETL schedules and file presence events
  • Dashboard Bursting – Burst a master Tableau workbook into multiple Tableau Dashboards using a database dimension
  • SQL Queries for Tableau – Automatically Schedule, Burst, Push and convert parameter enabled SQL Query content into Tableau Hyper Extracts
  • Single Version of the Truth – Consume your approved SQL queries from trusted data sources
  • High Speed Data Cache – Use in memory data cache to speed up dashboard performance with automated dynamic refresh
  • Export Tableau Dashboard Images – Intelligently email tableau dashboard images in PDF or PNG format. Render Tableau dashboard images in SharePoint or InfoBurst portal

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Create and Schedule a Tableau Hyper Data Extract using InfoBurst

Create a Tableau Hyper Data Extract from any ODBC compliant database that can be published to Tableau Server, a Network Share, or SharePoint site using InfoBurst with its robust event-based scheduling functionality.

Burst and Distribute Tableau Workbooks based on DB Query

Using InfoBurst, burst a Tableau Workbook based on a DB Query into multiple TWBX files – each containing date for one value of a dimension. These TWBX files can then be published to Tableau Server, or distributed via email in an encrypted zip file.

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Did you know InfoBurst Tab also provides a bridge between BusinessObjects Reports, Universes to and from Tableau desktop and Tableau Server? Learn More.