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InfoSol News: Keeping You in the Loop – Volume 1, Issue 1

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Limitless BI – The Real Trend for 2014

Limitless-bi-the-real-trend-for-2014-630x250The great Business Intelligence Visualization revolution was started by dashboard tools like Xcelsius over ten years ago and while the rest of the tool sets and vendors have taken that decade to catch up, Xcelsius has become part of a new revolution known as Limitless Business Intelligence.

Limitless BI is all about seeing beyond the obvious and using your imagination to create BI applications and solutions that make a real difference. More importantly, it is being achieved without business disruption and investing lots of money into alternative BI technology and tools.  Read more…

IBIS: The Best BO Training Event of the Year

Value-of-Attending-260x103One of the main benefits of IBIS is the value of training. One misconception about IBIS is that people assume that it is like other conferences, full of product demos and marketing hype. What attendees soon realize is that IBIS is an intense training experience with the perks of networking with other users from around the world.

Organizations that send attendees quickly realize the value of IBIS and allocate training budget to send individuals each year. This is due to the nature of the conference, where an individual is immersed in the subject(s) of choice and receives several days of hands-on experience. Attendees will actually build content, instead of sitting and hearing someone talk about it.  Read more…

Tech Tip: Customizing Selection & De-selection in Dashboard Data Hierarchies 

tech-tip-image-260x103Being able to “bind” the selected item in a Selector has really allowed Dashboard designers to do more with the magic of moving data behind the scenes.  However, there are times when we want more control … like when we want to “unselect” a selection that has been made.

An example of this might be where we have 3 Combo Box selectors for Country, State and City and I want to express an “All Countries”, “All States” and “All Cities” option for a summary view of the data.  The problem starts off with the issue that there are no “All Countries” or “All States” values in my data … so we will need to get a workaround for this.  Read more…

2014 Prediction: Mobility, Mobility & Mobility!

2014-prediction-mobility-260x103Mobility, mobility and mobility! While it is not being said for the first time, mobility will be a lot more relevant in 2014 in the world of BI. Users at various organization levels own either a personal mobile device or one that was given to them by their employer. When people have an endless amount of information available to them at any time on a mobile device, it is expected that business information, critical to decision making, will be available in the same way. Users’ demand for mobile BI apps is going to increase by leaps and bounces, with  non-iOS devices catching up fast as well.  Read more…


Paul’s Tech Term of the Month

hadoop-hiveHadoop Hive – A place where the rare Apache bees store large amounts of honey in Hadoop shaped structures!


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