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InfoSol News: Keeping You in the Loop – Volume 1, Issue 3


BI = Big Imagination at IBIS 2014

bi-big-imagination-feature-260x103The possibilities with Business Intelligence today are limitless. The limitations that exist are only in the boundaries of one’s imagination. Business Intelligence = Big Imagination. Translation: If you can dream it, you can build it.

As a leading Business Intelligence solutions provider, InfoSol has witnessed many inspirational stories around the success of implementing a vision. Here is a sneak preview at some of the visions that inspire Big Imagination (BI).  Read more…

Mico Brings Data Viz Offerings to IBIS 2014

mico-brings-data-viz-offerings-260x103Mico Yuk, author of Data Visualization for Dummies and founder of the BIDashboardFormula.com has become the latest addition to what is shaping up to be a BusinessObjects Dashboard and Data Visualization Lollapalooza at IBIS 2014.

Mico will be leading a half-day, interactive hands-on workshop at the pre-seminar on Sunday afternoon entitled, Data Visualization 201: How to make your visuals more ‘Intelligent’ and ‘Useful’ which promises to be both an eye-opener and a compelling learning experience in designing effective BI dashboards and data visualizations.  Read more…

5 Easy Steps in Designing a Dynamic Y-Axis Web Intelligence Report Leveraging Derived Tables in IDT

tech-tip-image-260x103“Create a sales report by state, by city, by store, by year, by quarter, by month…” and the list goes on. This is a very common report requirement from a business. The usual procedure for designing this report in Web Intelligence is to create different reports for each dimension or create one report with separate tabs.  What if your end user is not a power user and would like to view this report in a much simpler fashion? What if the report by is more than five dimensions? What if your users don’t like switching between tabs or reports?  This article shows five easy steps in designing a dynamic Y-Axis web intelligence report leveraging derived tables in IDT and the input controls in Web Intelligence.  Read more…

Things That Sound Alike Are Not Always the Same

paul-newsletter-blog-image-260x103I was about to start my second presentation of the day at a joint ASU/Business Objects User Group Meeting this week, when one of the attendees beckoned me over. She told that I sounded just like the actor Anthony Hopkins when I spoke. I explained that we both ahd similar English accents and styles, but that is where the similarity ended because we certainly do not look or behave alike (I think!).

The presentation was on the BusinessObjects Mobile BI Landscape and discussed and demonstrated the variety of offerings available. Not only does SAP have a bunch of different solutions, but there are many third party solutions that integrate nicely with BusinessObjects.  Read more…

Paul’s Tech Term of the Month

issue-2-tech-term-monthBig Data – A term coined by software vendors and IT Analysts to mean a lot of information requiring Big hardware with Big memory and lots of CPU’s to analyze. The fact that more than 95% of this information is unstructured and mostly irrelevant has not deterred many organizations from buying Big Data solutions for Big Bucks and allowing us to do amazing things like search the over 50 million photos on Facebook to find our favorite Grumpy Cat picture in seconds!

About jshields

John Shields started working for InfoSol in the summer of 2012 after graduating from Arizona State University with his bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems. He is passionate about web development and data visualization and has taken over the reigns as InfoSol's Champion of Web Presence. Outside of work he enjoys the outdoors and is an avid mountain biker and snowboarder.

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