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InfoSol News: Keeping You in the Loop – Volume 1, Issue 4


Agile BI Needs Agile Education

agile-bi-needs-agile-education-260x104Jim Roan, an American businessman, writer and motivational speaker once said: “If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around.”

With more organizations adopting agile methodologies to develop all their applications, including their BI applications, greater emphasis has been placed on fast design, development and deployment.  Read more…

Why won’t my Xcelsius Dashboard USA Map show alerts?

tech-tip-image-260x103Using the maps provided in Xcelsius/Dashboards 4.x is not difficult, but I have often seen developers forget how to set them up properly to get them to display the data and alerts, because it is not the most obvious/intuitive component and also not frequently used.
I finally made this cheat sheet to help them remember how to set it up.  Read more…


Delta-Services-Training-260x103A lot of things changed between BusinessObjects XI 3.1 and the current BI 4.1 release, but depending on the type of user you are and which tools you use you may or may not need training.
One thing is for sure that if you are experienced in the tools at XI 3.1 you do not need to retake all of the courses for BI 4.1 – no matter what anyone tells you. For this reason, InfoSol has developed a new set of BI 4.1 hands-on delta courses that will teach you… Read more…


Paul’s Tech Term of the Month

issue-2-tech-term-monthEmbedded Analytics: A new intimate form of analytics (pre-inserted in your applications) that has become so attractive to some software vendors that they have already jumped into bed with it before it really exists. When someone writes a Wikipedia page for it, it could become the next big thing!



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John Shields started working for InfoSol in the summer of 2012 after graduating from Arizona State University with his bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems. He is passionate about web development and data visualization and has taken over the reigns as InfoSol's Champion of Web Presence. Outside of work he enjoys the outdoors and is an avid mountain biker and snowboarder.

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