InfoSol’s 2014 Dashboard Awards Solutions That Make An Impact

The 2014 Dashboard Award winners at IBIS 2014 Limitless BI 2.0 | BI = Big Imagination in Carlsbad, CA showcased three awesome dashboard solutions that have been a key factor in driving change that has had a positive impact within their respective businesses.

The Best Business Dashboard was won by Bankdata with their dynamic SME Dashboard, which primarily helps banks in Lebanon get a better understanding of small-medium enterprises (SME’s) throughout the country.  It allows users to easily access and drill-through a wealth of market figures related to these SME’s, which in turn helps them spot new business opportunities, check out their competition, and adjust their offerings to better fit the needs of these SME’s while monitoring their market position.  Some of the information it contains is on these SME’s staff size, yearly turnover, cash flow, profitability, labor force, and their banking relationships.  All in all this dashboard is a powerful, interactive solution that makes it very convenient to navigate and drill through an extensive amount of data and it has become a vital tool to their business users.

Bankdata-SME-Dashboard   Bankdata-Best-Business-Dashboard-Award

Palo Alto Medical Foundation took home the Most Valuable Dashboard award with their Patient Access Dashboard and became the first company to win an award in back to back years.  In the healthcare industry, the 3rd Next Available (3NA) metric is an industry standard to gauge a patient’s access to their doctor and this dashboard focuses on it.  This dashboard uses table views with color coded trend arrows so that users can immediately see and compare what divisions are meeting their goal numbers, as well as the departments and providers within those divisions.  It’s added an element of “implied peer pressure” because none of the doctors want to be at the top of the list when it is sorted by those that are performing the worst.  This dashboard has done a magnificent job of presenting their data in a way that has driven change within the organization that allows them to better serve their customers, which is what Limitless Business Intelligence is all about.

Palo-Alto-Medical-Foundation-Patient-Access-Dashboard   PAMF-Most-Valuable-Dashboard-Award

The Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard award was won by USPI with their Visual Income Statement with Best Practices Dashboard, which combined two projects into the final solution.  The visual income statement’s project goal was to deliver the income statement in a ‘bracket’ format what would allow admins to see what GL summary counts feed into the different parts of the statement. The variable GL summary accounts on the dashboard are connected to sliders that allow users to do what-if analysis and the budget number metrics are color coded (red, yellow, and green) against the actual budget.  Admins can now see a much clearer picture of the state of their business and it lets them see how doing something slightly different could have affected their bottom line.

Because USPI has over 200 individually run surgery centers, the company realized that some of the facilities had come up with some great ideas on how to operate more efficiently, so they created a committee to gather all of these ideas and used them to create corporate wide best practices.  Users can drill into the different accounts and see a new page that displays the details of all of the best practice ideas the company came up with, which they can then implement.  This dashboard is distributed via InfoBurst and email and has received ‘tremendously positive feedback’ within the company and packs what seems like a limitless amount of value into one solution.

USPI-Visual-Income-Statement-with-Best-Practices-Dashboard-2   USPI-Limitless-Business-Intelligence-Dashboard-Award

Each winning dashboard was presented to the audience at IBIS, including Bankdata, who presented all the way form Lebanon via webcast!  Hopefully these dashboards will inspire you to create your own Limitless Business Intelligence solutions – InfoSol’s 2015 Dashboard Awards will be here before you know it!

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