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Project Squirrel

Project Squirrel is the code name for an exciting new BI dashboard and data visualization solution to provide a fully supported follow-on to Xcelsius (SAP BO Dashboards) incorporating the key features and providing a migration utility to migrate existing Xcelsius dashboards to Squirrel.

We are aiming to make it the most intuitive dashboarding UI on the market, combining beautiful design with code-free intelligence.

Release one for Squirrel will be ready in Q4 2019, ahead of the end-of-life of Xcelsius and will be fully functional with all the key features. Future releases will enhance and add to exisiting functionality. We want Squirrel to be an amazing alternative offering to Xcelsius and a natural progression with additional features to really add value.

Features of Squirrel:


We are building an innovative migration tool. Import your XLF and our ‘documentor’ will make the process easier.


Connecting to your data source will be easy. Our first release will allow you to consume Business Objects content via BIWS as well as having full support for InfoBurst XDC. Alternatively, if you have data sitting in spreadsheets simply import your existing .xlsx file.


Build interactivity and logic into your dashboards making them both functional and beautiful.


Enjoy the freedom to easily share your dashboards by exporting as a .dash file or generating a web application.

Dashboards that work across multiple devices

Squirrel optimizes your dashboards to be viewed on smartphones, tablets, Laptops, and PCs. Simply add a canvas, re-use and re-size your components, creating the best layout across multiple devices.

Other useful information

  • A microsite is currently keeping our foundation customers and internal staff updated of progress. (Our foundation clients are partnered and commited to Squirrel.)
  • “Squirrel” is the project code-name. We will announce the product name in the near future.
  • The pricing plan will be fair and straightforward.

Stay in Touch with Squirrel

If you would like to stay in touch with Squirrel’s progress and be invited to participate in Squirrel launch events, please sign up here: