A powerful set of BusinessObjects administration tools for enhanced security management, auditing, backup /recovery and impact analysis.

A powerful set of BusinessObjects administration tools for enhanced security management, auditing, backup /recovery and impact analysis.

The Suite is made up of several tools that can either be purchased and used individually or together:

360Suite - 360View

Simplified and flexible management , implementation and documentation of BusinessObjects XI Security

  • One-click security changes using dynamic web matrices and access levels.
  • Delegate XI administration to local administrators.
  • Automatically document your deployed security for supervisors and auditors:
  • Automatic generation of rights matrices and user/content trees in Excel.
  • Visualise and document universe overloads.
  • Implement/Edit/Find and clean up errors in your existing deployed security.


360Suite - 360Plus

Simple and logical backup and recovery of your BusinessObjects content.

Securely backup your entire BOE platform:

    • Schedule the FULL backup of your SAP BOE platform (documents, universes, groups, security, users + all objects).
    • Keep several versions of the backup content (only modified content is incrementally backed up).
    • Non intrusive and web based solution. No matter how big your SAP BusinessObjects deployment.

Selective restore of your SAP BOE platform content:

  • Restore of any version is just a mouse click away.
  • Restore even lost content (like a personal user document deleted by mistake) using the unique Recycle Bin feature.

Manage security for multiple BusinessObjects instances and deployments through a single console:

  • Compare different CMS’s
  • Drag and drop content between CMS’s.
  • Schedule objects migration between BO XI platforms



360Suite - 360Eyes

Auditing and Impact Analysis of your BusinessObjects environment.

Automatic schedule to collect information from both CMS and Audit Logs:

  • Gather audit usage information combined with security information and  document snapshots down to the object and SQL level.
  • Loaded into a separate database repository and retained for history analysis.

Provides delivered reports and a universe to create your own reports on:

  • Impact Analysis
  • Security changes and history
  • Object or Table or Field usage
  • Document change history

360Suite - 360Bind

Fast , Accurate and Automated Report Non-Regression Testing

Ideal for Speeding Up BusinessObjects Migrations

  • Compare Over Time and Across Versions
    • Supports XI R2 , XI 3.x, BI 4.x
  • Create Categories to Compare Reports Electronically
    • All report outputs (Webi, Crystal, Deski)
    • Compares both text and charts (images)
    • Set level of precision (Down to pixel)
  • Schedule through built in scheduler
    • Supported prompts, parameters etc.
  • Summarizes matching and non-matching reports
    • Visually shows differences


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