Version Manager

Version Manager for SAP

Version Manger for SAP (VM4SAP) is a SAP BI version management, source control, source audit and deployment product that enables version management across multiple controlled documents within the SAP environment.

VM4SAP Manages the following SAP Products and environments

  • Web Intelligence (Webi)
  • Crystal Reports
  • Information & Universes Design Tools .unv & .unx universes
  • Dashboards (Xcelsius),
  • Deskintelligence (Deski)
  • Any other agnostics documents (text, excel, word, xml, pdf…)

VM4SAP Features Include:

  • Recovery of previous versions of SAP BI Reports & Universes
  • Secured deployment to multiple CMS, utilizing interactive or scheduled mode, with instant rollback possibilities
  • Transfer history and audit trail of actions performed
  • Version Management through Check-in / Check-out and Version Comparisons
  • Export documentation of report assets and universes in various formats like PDF, Excel, html …
  • Organize files into Packages, Projects and Releases (sets of documents) and deploy them together in batches
  • Maintains local version control of Administrator and User documents
  • TCP/IP multi users based architecture, no Database Drivers needed, Internet access through firewalls
  • Compatible with SAP BI (BusinessObjects) v5, v6, XIR2, XI3.x BI4
  • Simplified report validation for migration

VM4SAP-BI Integrated Information Design Tool (IDT)

Version Manager for SAP-BI introduces the new way to manage Information Design Tool (.unx) Universes.

With the new VM4SAP-BI IDT product license users are able to:

  • Manage different universe components independently by checking them In/Out
  • Compare component (Business layers, Data foundations, Connections) file versions between one another to see what has changed
  • Share and Publish to different Content Management Systems (CMS) Servers
  • Perform an impact analysis across the objects and tables
  • Work in a multi user environment where, for example, one person can work on the Business Layer while another modifies the Data Foundations of the universe. Once completed, the user can consolidate their work, and deploy a common .unx universe
  • Assured roll-back to existing running environment so the user will never lose their work-in-progress again
  • Ensuring a better migration from XI3.1 or XIR2 to a new SAP-BI 4.x Environment
  • Version Manager is now compatible with SAP-BI4.2

VM4SAP-BI IDT Universe View:

VM4SAP-BI IDT Universe View

Also Available:

  • Version Manager for Qlik Sense (VM4QS)
  • Version Manager for QlikView (VM4QV)

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