InfoBurst Apps – Stunning HTML5 Dashboards

InfoBurst Apps are HTML5 Applications written using HTML, JavaScript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) that are hosted on the InfoBurst Platform and can be consumed using either  modern desktop/mobile Browsers (such as IE9, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) or a native iPad Application that adds features such as annotation and email.

The InfoBurst Platform provides a JavaScript interface that allows App Developers to easily access data from an existing Data Cache (consume pre-built Data Blocks or run Cache Queries) or access real-time data from any SQL Server/Oracle or ODBC compliant database. In addition, it supports the ability to write back to the database from the App.

For those who are familiar with the development of Xcelsius Dashboards using InfoBurst and XDC, the JavaScript API is the equivalent of the Xcelsius Connectors that connect the dashboard to the data. In fact, existing customers who already have built Data Caches for use with Xcelsius can easily consume the same data from an HTML5 App.

HTML5 Apps can take advantage of the large and growing ecosystem of both open-source and commercial components to build truly stunning Apps that go beyond dashboards and can run on a wide variety of devices from small screens such as Phones to Tablets up to the desktop.

InfoBurst® Apps is available for use today with the latest release of InfoBurst® Enterprise.

InfoBurst® Apps

Visit and check out the Drive Better App.

Check out the Dashboard Gallery and demo some of our HTML5 Dashboards that utilize InfoBurst Apps!

IBApps-HTML5-Aluminum-Dashboard  IBApps-HTML5-Drive-Better-Dashboard