InfoBurst Delivery

InfoBurst Enterprise can deliver report content and dashboards to a variety of destinations.



  • Inline HTML report content or file attachments
  • Custom email subject lines and FROM addresses
  • TO, CC and BCC functionality
  • Source email address from database, Excel and text files, Active Directory and BusinessObjectsFTP
  • Standard FTP
  • FTP Secure Server

Network Printer

  • Conduct true printer bursting (report1 to printer1, report2 to printer2…)

Network Share


  • InfoBurst Enterprise integrates with RoamBI to allow dynamic bursting of RoamBI reports


WebDAV Folder

BusinessObjects XI Server

  • Deliver to public folders and XI user Inboxes
  • Assign categories to delivered content
  • Schedule instances of existing reports and customize instance names

Custom Command

  • InfoBurst allows you to take control of the delivery
  • Programmers interface for custom delivery destinations

Delivery Templates

Define publication format and delivery destination options in a template for re-use and easy burst management.

Delivery Mode

Deliver content as reports are processed or deliver only when all report processing has completed successfully.

Simulate Delivery

Test complex report processing and publication scenarios without delivery actual content.