InfoBurst Dash

Leverage your BI dashboards with the power of InfoBurst Dash – because life is too short to struggle.

InfoBurst Dash = Dashboards Unleashed

  • XDC turbocharges your dashboard performance, access, and scalability
  • Handles millions of rows of data
  • Allows data from multiple sources

Need Speed and flexibility? InfoBurst Dash uses proprietary technology to deliver it to you

InfoBurst XML Data Cache (XDC) can house millions of rows of data in memory that can instantly be accessed from your dashboard using add-on connectors that are included with InfoBurst Dash.

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InfoBurst Dash Technical Information:

Dashboard Data Management

Dashboard data can be cached from a variety of data sources. The XML Data Cache (XDC) is then made available to the dashboard using a variety of custom dashboard connectors. Use of the XDC can significantly shorten the design process and greatly improve response times.


Dashboard data can be sourced from:

  • Direct data queries
  • Excel
  • BusinessObjects Reports and Universes
  • Stored procedures

A single XML Data Cache can contain multiple data sources of varying types. The XDC includes options to arrange data in crosstab format and aggregate the data using various calculations. The cache can then be scheduled for regular refresh. A single cache can feed multiple dashboards and a single dashboard can consume multiple caches.

Cache Query

The cache can be further manipulated using the power of SQL. A cache query can be used to parse large caches and feed to a dashboard only the data required based on a view or selection by a dashboard consumer. A single cache can support multiple cache queries, each returning different subsets of data for various applications in a dashboard.

Dashboard Connectors

InfoBurst Dash includes a number of dashboard connectors. These connectors allow the dashboard designer to access the cache in various ways and add value to the dashboard by leveraging other connector options like database writeback and real-time database read.

  • Cache Connector: Consume one or more caches from your dashboard. Can be used to consume cache data in your connected dashboard.
  • Cache Query Connector: Execute one or more pre-defined SQL queries against a cache and deliver the resulting data to your dashboard.
  • Database Writeback Connector: Capture dashboard consumer input or component interactions and write the information back to any database table.
  • Database Query Connector: Execute real-time database queries and deliver the resulting data to your dashboard.

Cache Security

The XML Data Cache can be secured to ensure only authorized dashboard consumers can view cache data. Cache security can also be used to serve personalized data to a dashboard based on the consumer’s identity.

Dashboard Design

The following dashboard tools are supported by InfoBurst Dash:

  • Squirrel365 on-premise or cloud
  • Any custom dashboard development tool
  • Tableau
  • PowerBI

See some dashboard examples here.

Dashboard Deployment

  • On-premise
  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • SharePoint or any portal