InfoBurst PBI: Leverage the Power of BusinessObjects and PowerBI

Leverage BusinessObjects and PowerBI with the power of InfoBurst PBI – because life is too short to struggle.

Bridge the gap between BusinessObjects and PowerBI

  • Web Intelligence to PBI– Automatically schedule, burst and intelligently map Webi content into PowerBI (PBI Dataset).
  • Dynamic Refresh of PBI Datasets from Webi– Schedule, burst Webi and dynamically refresh PBI datasets created from this content
  • Direct Access to BO Universe from PowerBI– Access BO universe from PowerBI and pull content directly into PowerBI.
  • Schedule and Pull Data into PBI – Schedule from a Database Query, Excel, Webi or BO universe into a PBI Dataset based on time, event or both

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Schedule, burst, publish, and deliver Power BI Reports and Paginated Reports to a variety of destinations in a variety of formats:

How to get data from your BusinessObjects Universe into PowerBI:

How to get data from your Web Intelligence report into PowerBI:

Direct Acccess to BO Universe from PowerBI

InfoBurst PBI Direct Access to BO Universe from PowerBI

  • Push UNV & UNX Universe Queries as a Power BI Data Set
  • Universe Query filters and contexts are supported in InfoBurst PBI

Web Intelligence to PowerBI

  • Connecting to universe only leverages part of BusinessObjects
  • Webi reports with defined business and report logic offers a lot more
    • Better data governance
    • One version of the truth


InfoBurst PowerBI Summary Graphic

Key Features:

  • BO Content for PowerBI – InfoBurst PBI leverages the versatility and power of Web Intelligence and its underlying universes.
  • Deliver & Refresh Power Bi Datasets– Schedule, burst and push BusinessObjects Universe and Web Intelligence content into PowerBI Datasets (PBIX format).
  • “Single Version of Truth” – Consume data from BusinessObjects data sources such as Universes and Web Intelligence reports and achieve “Single Version of Truth” (Trusted Data).
  • WebI Calculated Fields – Enhance your PowerBI Dashboards by leveraging complex formulas and variables defined in Universes and Web Intelligence Reports.
  • Event Based Scheduling – Automate and schedule your PowerBI deliveries based on database triggers, ETL schedules and event-based triggers.

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