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Automated Management and Delivery of your BusinessObjects Content – Because life is too short to struggle.

InfoBurst BO Content

InfoBurst Publish = Powerful Report Automation

InfoBurst Publish makes it easy to schedule, burst, publish and deliver your WebI and Crystal Reports content when, where and how you want it.

Easy to Use

  • InfoBurst’s intuitive interface makes object management easy.
  • Drag-and-drop and delivery templates make burst building a snap.

Incredibly Robust Scheduling Options

  • Schedule using date/time, events, and macros.
  • Suppress delivery of empty reports.
  • Customize file names, email subjects, email messages, and more.

Flexible Formats

  • Deliver reports in a variety of user-personalized formats (see tech info below).
  • Combine content from multiple reports into a single PDF or Excel file.
  • Can support excel files with greater than 65k rows.

Efficient Report Bursting

  • Single-Pass bursting is fast and efficient.
  • The drag and drop workflow makes it easy to learn and use.
  • Refresh a report just once, then single-pass burst to personalize report content by recipient.

Check out some screenshots:



InfoBurst Publish Technical Information:

Report Bursting

InfoBurst offers a variety of options for conducting and controlling Business Intelligence report bursting. The unique drag-and-drop workflow makes building and managing bursts easy.

Bursting Types

  • Multi-pass and single-pass report bursting for Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence, Crystal Reports and Microsoft Reporting Services reports
  • Control multiple report parameters or filters with a single database query or Excel file

Bursting Parameter Values

  • Dynamically provide parameter and filter values using database queries, Excel or text files
  • Multi-Column List allows for easy data source management within the InfoBurst user interface
  • Parameter macros used to handle dynamic dates and bursting context
  • Parameter aliasing used to simplify bursting parameter management
  • Supports Web Intelligence context and optional prompts
  • Use Custom Excel-based calendar (fiscal calendar) to drive date and other parameter types

Throughput Management

  • Parallel processing mode allows for greater throughput in high-volume bursting scenarios
  • Utilize multiple simultaneous connections to BusinessObjects XI and Microsoft Reporting Services systems
  • Control BusinessObjects processing servers used to burst and publish reports
  • Use platform queues to precisely control throughput based on document type


Business Intelligence reports can be published in a variety of formats for delivery.

  • Delimited Text/CSV: Report and data provider-level data
  • Excel: Includes post-processing functions to augment Excel formatting. Supports .xlsx format for publishing reports that exceed 65K rows.
  • HTML: Deliver report content inline in an email or produce Web content direct from Business Intelligence reports
  • Native BusinessObjects: Deliver native BusinessObjects report types (.wid/.rep/.rpt)
  • PDF
  • PNG Image: Ideal for mobile device deliveries and ensures consistent viewing experience on all mobile platforms
  • Tableau Data Extract (TDE): Generate TDE files for use in Tableau Workbook design (Add-On option)
  • Tableau Workbook (TWBX): Deliver Tableau Workbooks with personalized data (Add-On option)

Split & Combine

Publish only select Web Intelligence or Desktop Intelligence report tabs in a single PDF, Excel or HTML file.

Content Grouping

Group content from multiple reports of varying types (Web Intelligence, Crystal, etc.) into a single PDF or Excel file. Group content by burst, bursting parameter value(s) or email recipient.

Compress & Encrypt

  • Compress and deliver files resulting from published reports. ZIP files can be encrypted using standard or AES encryption.
  • Encrypt PDF and Excel files natively.
  • Define global passwords or deliver files with user-customized password.

File & Folder Name Customization

Customize file and folder names with information like bursting parameter values and formatted date stamps. A wide variety of system macros are available for file and folder name customization.


InfoBurst can deliver report content and dashboards to a variety of destinations.


  • Email
    • Inline HTML report content or file attachments
    • Custom email subject lines and FROM addresses
    • TO, CC and BCC functionality
    • Source email addresses from database, Excel, Active Directory and BusinessObjects
  • FTP
    • FTP Secure Server and SSH FTP
  • Network Printer
    • Conduct true printer bursting (report1 to printer1, report2 to printer2…)
  • Network Share
  • SharePoint
  • Tableau Server
  • WebDAV Folder
  • XI Server
    • Deliver to public folders and XI user Inboxes
    • Assign categories to delivered content
    • Schedule instances of existing reports and customize instance names
  • Custom Command
    • Programmers interface for custom delivery destinations

Delivery Templates

Define publication format and delivery destination options in a template for re-use and easy burst management.

Delivery Mode

Deliver content as reports are processed or deliver only when all report processing has completed successfully.

Simulate Delivery

Test complex report processing and publication scenarios without delivery actual content.

Empty Reports

Suppress the delivery of a report when the report contains no data. Notify users via email in the event of an empty report.


“I want to thank you for creating this terrific tool! InfoBurst, with all the key indicators delivered right to the “ door step”,  is an integral tool in game planning and account management. Information is empowerment and I wanted to express my appreciation.”

“I was able to immediately review the burst information. This is an extremely valuable tool!!  It has been accepted well in the field – so many thanks for the information.  We travel a lot so having this info handy to pull up on our phone is great!! Thanks a lot.”


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