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InfoBurst Tab – Seamless Integration Between BusinessObjects and Tableau

Leverage the power of Businessobjects and Tableau. InfoBurst Tab bridges that gap between Businessobjects Reports, Universes, and Tableau dashboards.

  • BusinessObjects Content for Tableau – Automatically Schedule, Burst, Push and convert BusinessObjects Universe and Web Intelligence content into Tableau Data Extracts
  • Deliver and Refresh Tableau Data Extracts – Dynamically deliver and refresh Tableau Data Extracts and Workbooks with BusinessObjects content to Tableau Server/Desktop, Network Share, SharePoint or via Email
  • Single Version of Truth or Focus on Data Governance – Consume data from BO Universes and Web Intelligence reports (*trusted data*)
  • Event Based Scheduling – Automated Scheduling of Tableau Hyper extracts based on database triggers, ETL schedules and file presence events.
  • Filtering – Connect to BO Universes from Tableau Desktop and apply filters in Query panel. Use WebI report filters and burst Tableau Data Extracts
  • Avoid recreating Tableau Calculated fields – Dazzle your Tableau Dashboards by leveraging Complex formulas and variables defined in Universes and Web Intelligence Reports.
  • Dashboard Bursting – Burst a master Tableau workbook into multiple Tableau Dashboards using a Web Intelligence report dimension
  • Export Tableau Dashboard images – Intelligently email tableau dashboard images in PDF or PNG format. Render Tableau dashboard images in Sharepoint or InfoBurst portal.

Powerful tools and options:

  • Includes a powerful macro builder that can use original file name, filters, date, time to dynamically name TDE’s and Hyper files something meaningful to the user.
  • InfoBurst has a rich array of distribution options and can provide an automated way for Tableau desktop users to distribute their dashboards with or without Tableau server.

You can also check out Paul’s blog post on InfoBurst Tab!

InfoBurst Tab Schematic

Web Intelligence to Tableau HYPER Data Source

Leverage an SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence report with Tableau. Use InfoBurst to schedule and publish a Tableau Data Source in Hyper format to a number of destinations: Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Network Share, SharePoint, and more!

Burst Tableau Workbook from Web Intelligence Report

Burst a Tableau Workbook based on an SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Report. The TWBX files created by this process can be published to Tableau Server, Email, a Network Share or SharePoint. This video shows the Tableau Server and Email distribution options.

BusinessObjects-Tableau UNX Web Data Connector

Connect to an SAP BusinessObjects Universe to retrieve data from Tableau



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  1. Hello,

    Please can you advise if InfoBurst Tab can use other query types instead of unv/unx e.g. BEx queries?


  2. Hey Elliot,

    We will have an answer for you shortly. Thanks for your question!


  3. Hi Elliot,

    InfoBurst supports the follow data sources for production of Tableau Data Extracts (TDE):

    -SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
    -Database Queries



  4. We are interested in knowing more about Taleau and IBE

  5. Hey Kulvinder,

    I will have an account manager follow up with you.



  6. would like to know more about Infoburst Tab solution

  7. Hey Todd,

    I will have an account manager follow up with you shortly.



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