InfoBurst Publishing

InfoBurst publishes Business Intelligence reports in a variety of formats for delivery.

Delimited Text

  • Report and data provider-level data


  • Includes post-processing functions to augment Excel formatting
  • Supports .xlsx format for publishing reports that exceed 65K rows


  • Deliver report content inline in an email or produce Web content direct from Business Intelligence reports

Native BusinessObject (.wid/.rep/.rpt)


PNG Image

  • Ideal for mobile device deliveries and ensures consistent viewing experience on all mobile platforms

Split & Combine

Publish only select Web Intelligence or Desktop Intelligence report tabs in a single PDF, Excel or HTML file.

Content Grouping

Group content from multiple reports of varying types (Web Intelligence, Crystal, etc.) into a single PDF or Excel file. Group content by burst, bursting parameter value or email recipient.

Compress & Encrypt

Compress and deliver files resulting from published reports. ZIP files can be encrypted using standard or AES encryption.

File & Folder Name Customization

Customize file and folder names with information like bursting parameter values and formatted date stamps. A wide variety of system macros are available for file and folder name customization.