InfoBurst Report Bursting

InfoBurst offers a variety of options for conducting and controlling Business Intelligence report bursting. The unique drag-and-drop workflow makes building and managing bursts easy.

Bursting Types

  • Multi-pass and single-pass report bursting for Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence and Microsoft Reporting Services reports
  • Multi-pass report bursting for Crystal reports
  • Control multiple report parameters or filters with a single database query or Excel file

Bursting Parameter Values

  • Dynamically provide parameter and filter values using database queries, Excel or text files
  • Multi-Column List allows for easy data source management within the InfoBurst user interface
  • Parameter macros used to handle dynamic dates and bursting context
  • Parameter aliasing used to simplify bursting parameter management
  • Supports Web Intelligence context and optional prompts
  • Use Custom Excel-based calendar (fiscal calendar) to drive date and other parameter types

Throughput Management

  • Parallel processing mode allows for greater throughput in high-volume bursting scenarios
  • Utilize multiple simultaneous connections to BusinessObjects XI and Microsoft Reporting Services systems
  • Control BusinessObjects processing servers used to burst and publish reports
  • Use platform queues to precisely control throughput based on document type