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Squirrel — Beautiful dashboards with code-free intelligence

Squirrel is an exciting new BI dashboard and data visualization solution. With a familiar interface and key features, you also have a way to migrate existing Xcelsius (SAP BO Dashboards) files into Squirrel.

The Squirrel team are working hard to make it the most intuitive dashboarding UI on the market, combining beautiful design with code-free intelligence. There is a handy in-app interface tour for first-time users and the team are building a catalog of short tutorials to help you learn how a particular feature works in Squirrel.  

Version 1.0 was released in December 2019, well in advance (more than a year ahead) of the end-of-life of Xcelsius. It was released as a SMURF ( Specific, Marketable, Useable, Releasable, Feature) product so customers could get their hands on it straight away.

Future releases will enhance and add to the existing functionality. We want Squirrel to be the No.1 alternative offering to Xcelsius — with migration capabilities and additional features that really add value so it should be the obvious choice.

Features of Squirrel:


Squirrel’s innovative migration tool means you can easily import your Xcelsius XLF: the ‘Import Wizard’ shows you what components have or have not migrated successfully.

Squirrel offers migration for over 80% of Xcelsius components! There is a ‘How-to’ video to help you with your migration. See Migration — what to expect.



Connecting to your data source is easy. You can consume BusinessObjects content via BIWS, as well as having full support for InfoBurst XDC. Alternatively, if you have data sitting in spreadsheets, simply import your existing .xlsx file.



Build interactivity and logic into your dashboards making them both functional and beautiful.


Debug mode

Debug will particularly appeal to Xcelsius users who said they’d like a way to ‘check that their dashboards work as intended’ — Squirrel’s Debug mode does just that! It lets you see what’s happening in the spreadsheet as you interact with your dashboard.



Enjoy the freedom to easily share your dashboards by exporting as a .dash file (offline viewing) or generating a web application. 

And the best bit is… sharing is absolutely FREE! There’s no need to purchase additional consumer licences: you can share your dashboard with as many people as you want.



The dedicated Squirrel Support team are on hand to provide enterprise level support when you need it.


More to come 

  • In the near future dashboards will work across multiple devices. Squirrel will optimize your dashboards to be viewed on smartphones, tablets, Laptops, and PCs. Simply add a canvas, re-use and re-size your components, creating the best layout across multiple devices.
  • Chart Turn-to is also in the pipeline — at the click of a button you’ll be able to change a chart on your dashboard for a different type. The Intelligent Chart Suggestion feature means Squirrel will even suggest the most appropriate charts for your data.


Other useful information

To find out more about Squirrel visit squirrelbi.com

Why not give Squirrel a go? You can trial Squirrel for 30 days for FREE.


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