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How McKesson Uses InfoBurst Tab to Automatically Refresh a Tableau Workbook from a Webi Report

What if you took the world’s most used Business Intelligence suite, BusinessObjects, and the world’s leading Business Intelligence self-service data discovery and visualization tool, Tableau, and found a way to bring them together to make the world’s most awesome Business Intelligence offering? You can learn how McKesson did just that, in …

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How USPI Saved $900k Creating Its New Revenue Cycle Dashboard

After looking at the business operations, the senior vice president quickly realized the data and business intelligence tools he needed to give him visibility into the monthly and daily workings of the company were not available. The revenue department would have to query the many patient accounting systems individually, run …

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RentACenter Case Study

... streamline reporting processes, delivering summarized daily sales data and detailed hierarchical reports to all levels of management nationally. They selected InfoSol’s InfoBurst business intelligence report and dashboard distribution and publishing solution to create a completely automated, efficient solution.

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United Educators Case Study

United Educators (UE), otherwise known as “Education’s Own Insurance Company”, understands the unique risks involved with education better than anyone. It is a licensed insurance company owned and governed by more than 1,160 member colleges, universities, independent schools, public school districts, public school insurance pools, and related organizations throughout the …

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Rural Metro Case Study

The data came from a variety of different applications and data sources, including manual spreadsheets, and needed to be consolidated into meaningful performance indicators and delivered to both the corporate SharePoint portal and as an in-line email to a number of different mobile devices including iPhones, iPads and Blackberries.

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Aluchemie Case Study

The dashboard combined over 100 charts into a single access point. It incorporated a trend analyzer for capturing trends on each of their main six key performance indicators. It enabled viewing of daily production by process and by 24 hour period or each of the three shifts so production managers could make daily adjustments to work flow.

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