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Business Intelligence is changing lives in so many ways. It inspires companies, institutions and people to make timely decisions with confidence. Global events have demonstrated how connected we are and how technology is helping to blur the lines between countries and political borders, empowering people to communicate about what they …

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InfoSol® is a visionary provider of information systems solutions delivering quality, compelling and effective business intelligence and custom applications. Understanding a client’s specific business and unique needs is always a part of any solution we provide. Our logo is based on the Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus which has several …

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Dynamic Business Intelligence Dashboard Creation and Bursting

InfoBurst Dash is a solution for creating , bursting, distributing, publishing and viewing dynamic Business Intelligence dashboards for visualizing your data and metrics real-time or offline. InfoBurst Dash provides: A unique intelligent caching capability that allows a dashboard to access large amounts of data fast A unique dashboard bursting functionality so …

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