Tech Tip: How to stop Windows 10 Update from breaking Xcelsius (SAP Dashboards)

Tip: How to stop Windows 10 Update from breaking Xcelsius (SAP Dashboards)

Trick: Easy install of a patch or Service Pack

Has a recent windows update caused your SAP Dashboards to stop working?  It may well be a recent Windows update for Windows 10 which includes some security updates for Adobe Flash Player.   This update may cause you to get this error message when trying to open SAP Dashboards:

The reason for this is error message is due to a change in the location of the Flash Player version information kept within Windows 10.  Previously this was held in the registry, but it is now a system environment variable.

This update has necessitated SAP to provide Patch versions to accommodate this change in internal processes.  Fortunately for Dashboard users, the fix is an easy install of a patch or Service Pack, depending upon which version of SAP Dashboards you are running.

SAP Recommends the following patch levels to match your installed files:

SAP Dashboard Version Support Pkg Patch Level
SAP Dashboards 4.2 SP007 000000
SAP Dashboards 4.2 SP006 000500
SAP Dashboards 4.2 SP005 000800
SAP Dashboards 4.1 SP011 000700

This SAP Note in the Knowledge Base details the information as well: 2732741 – SAP Dashboards fails to launch on Windows 10 machines with error message Adobe Flash player 9 or above is needed

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