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Web Intelligence – Convert Month Numbers to Month Names

QUESTION: How do I format a Month Number to a Month Name?

ANSWER: Most of our date conversions come directly from a date. If given just the month number, however, you must first convert the number into a valid date format and then you may use the FormatDate() function to convert the date into your preferred format.

To convert a month number into a month name: = FormatDate(ToDate(+”/1/2004″,”m/d/yyyy”),”Mmmm”)

To convert a month number and year combination into the format of periods as they appear in many modular databases such as Oracle Financials:


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  1. I have Created a report in which I am trying to change the way Month is looking. Currently I have a formula defined =Month([Submit Date])

    Giving the result as September. Further, I have progressed to move it to( =Month([Submit Date]) + ” ” + FormatNumber(Year([Submit Date]); “00”) ) Resulting in September 2015. I want it to be displayed as Sept’15 instead of September2015

    Furhter, I need to sort it out in a serai order. Can you help.

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