Web Intelligence – Show Message When “No Data to Fetch”

How to Show a friendly message when “No Data to Fetch”
When your data provider(s) return no data, the document looks pretty ugly. It will typically show column headers without any content, zero totals, and some formulas may even display embarrassing error messages.

So let’s use conditional blocks (see “Get rid of the noise” tech tip) to make this look a little better.

First of all, we need a variable that will tell us when the data provider returns no rows. Let’s call it “NumRows,” it will yield the number of rows returned by a data provider. This is what it might look like:

=NumberOfRows(DataProvider(< Order Date >)).

Then define a block that will be displayed when there is no data in the document. We chose here to display the in put to the prompt, but you are free to put anything you want.

You may wish to position this block in the same position as your results, again this is up to you.

Finally, make the blocks conditional. Your block containing data should be displayed only when NumRows is greater than zero:

The message displays when it is zero (for example, a misspelled value as a response to a prompt).

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