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Web Intelligence XI R2- Modifying Color Palettes

Question: I don’t see a way, in Web Intelligence, to change the color of individual data point on a chart. Is there a way to do this?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is not a way to modify the color of an individual data point in a chart. You can, however, modify the default palette.


To do this, you need to find the Web Intelligence configuration file on the server. This can be found at:

<install folder>\Tomcat\webapps\businessobjects\enterprise115\desktoplaunch\webiApplet\AppletConfig\defaultConfig.xml

Before making any modifications, save a copy of the defaultConfig.xml file and store it in a safe place.

Find the section which starts with:

<!– Palette used by graph –>

Each of the 32 colors, in the default color palette, has a series of lines in this file. The entry for the first color in the palette is listed below:

<KEY VALUE=”graph*Palette*0″>


<BACKGROUND R=”58″ G=”101″ B=”152″/>



To modify the colors, modify the RGB values found in the third line of the entry. Continue modifying each of the entries until the desired palette is achieved.

You can only modify the first palette, however, this can be very handy when your company wants graph data points to be in specific company default colors.

Save your changes and restart the BusinessObjects Services. The default palette colors will now be defined by the RGB values provided.


BusinessObjects XI 3.0

The same method described above will work in the new release of software, however, the directory structure is slightly different. The defaultConfig.xml file will be found at

<install folder>\Tomcat55\webapps\AnalyticalReporting\webiApplet\AppletConfig

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  1. Hi CKRUGER,
    I found out that in BOXI 3.1 also you can modify the default template in the designer itself by the selecting default template and click each individual and assign individual color with your liking and apply that new template to the chart.

  2. That’s great information Santosh, thanks for letting us know we appreciate it!

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