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What’s New In SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3

The vast majority of BusinessObjects customers today are happily running some version of BI 4.2 and are stable and not looking to rush to upgrade to the next release (especially a relatively new one) any time soon. So why upgrade to BI 4.3?

Well, like all previous releases of SAP BusinessObjects software, there is new functionality and features. In the case of BI 4.3 this includes:

  • a new HTML5 Web Intelligence development user interface with improved workflows,
  • parity between desktop and mobile,  
  • a new capability to use Web Intelligence as a data source and access it through a universe,
  • new chart types and capabilities,
  • formula language enhancements,
  • IDT extensions,
  • a new 64-bit version of Crystal Reports,
  • several new cloud-based connectors…

In other words, a lot!

So, based on either the BI 4.3 new functionality or the lifecycle for BI 4.2 or both, there are reasons as to why people will consider upgrading to BI 4.3.

Click here to learn whether you should upgrade from SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 to  4.3.

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