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Xcelsius – Using the History Component

Question: What can I use the Xcelsius History component for? Or, how can I get my report to launch with the correct prompt?

Answer: I finally found a use for the History component, recently, when I found my linked report launching with old data, rather than the latest selection. This was my scenario: I have a combination chart and the requirement is for the option to click on a column and launch a Web Intelligence report with the column selection passing the report prompt information back to the report. Furthermore, the requirement is for the Webi report to launch automatically, without an additional “click” on the URL button. (In my actual dashboard, I have hidden the URL button).

My first step was to set up the “Drill Down” option in the Combination chart. I set up the Sales Revenue column series to insert the selected row (State) in the yellow cell, G5.

Next, I set up my URL component to point to cell G5, and set the “Trigger Behavior” to launch when the Value in G5 changed.

When my components were set up like this, this was my result:

As you can see, even though my selection in the dashboard was “New York”, my report launched for California.  I noticed that it always launched the “previous” selection, as though the trigger realized that a change had been made, but the URL launched with the “old” selection rather than the “new” selection.

The History component came to my rescue!  The History component takes data from one cell and adds it to another specified cell, either based on a trigger or on an interval:

The History component does not show up when the SWF file is viewed in Preview mode or when a SWF file is generated – it remains hidden, but still performs the requested action.

I set up my History component to read the selection from the “drill down” combination chart in the yellow cell, G5, and place that data in cell G4.  Next, I modified my URL component to now be triggered by cell G4, rather than G5, and Voila!  Problem Solved!  Now, every time I make a selection on my combination chart, the correct prompt is passed to my Webi report.

Another use for the History component could be to show real-time data for a dashboard that is being updated frequently, by using the Trigger to be based on a time interval, for example a Call Center dashboard monitoring Call Data.

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