XML Data Cache (XDC)

InfoBurst XML Data Cache (XDC) Turns Your Dashboards into Fast and Powerful BI Applications

Xcelsius Dashboards are everywhere and provide a compelling and versatile solution for visualizing and analyzing your data in the most amazing ways.

However, the conventional connectivity options included with Xcelsius are not designed to handle large amounts of data while still providing fast performance. InfoBurst XML Data Cache (XDC) solves this problem in addition to delivering a wealth of additional functionality to turn your dashboards into super-fast and extraordinarily powerful Business Intelligence applications.

InfoBurst XDC is data cache (in memory or disk) that can house millions of rows of data in XML format that can be instantly accessed from your Dashboard using special add-on connectors included with InfoBurst. One of these connectors, the XDC Query Cache connector can use SQL to access the cache to pull back only the data needed based on the action performed. So, instead of pulling back 10,000 rows of data in the dashboard, you only pull back the 50 rows you need from the cache to display. This makes your dashboards super-fast, super versatile and able to support large numbers of users with consistently great response times.

The Data cache itself can be refreshed automatically by InfoBurst from a variety of sources including Web Intelligence reports, Excel, SQL queries and stored procedures. Using the diverse scheduling capabilities of InfoBurst, the cache refresh can occur based on time events or other external events like the presence of a file, a program trigger or the result of a SQL statement. This operation happens automatically in the background with no effect on the dashboard users.



InfoBurst XDC also comes with other really useful add-on connectors including :

  • Database Writeback enabling you to write back from your dashboard to any ODBC compliant databasexdc-connectors-screenshot
  • SaveAsExcel  allowing you to capture any data set displayed in your dashboard to be saved to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Database Query  providing real-time access to pull data directly from any database into the dashboard
  • CrossTab Builder allowing you to deliver the data to your dashboard component directly in a crosstab format


Check out some case studies that utilized InfoBurst’s XML Data Caching capabilities: