COBOL & Migration

GDT Migration
The GDT-TS Migration Toolset provides a complete solution to transition GCOS on-line and batch applications and environments to Windows or UNIX.

  • Legacy Migration to Windows or UNIX
  • Bull GCOS Systems
  • Total Application and Operations Environment migration
  • COBOL Source, JCL, Files, Forms migrated without code changes
  • GDT-TS provides complete GCOS on-line and batch environment on target platform running under Net Express

GDT Cool Tools

GDT ETL – Data Transformation allows you to Extract, Transform & Load Micro Focus ISAM files into a relational database such as SQL Server or Oracle.

GDT ODS – Data Management enables parallel management of production data in two data sources – Micro Focus ISAM and a relational database such as SQL Server or Oracle. The ISAM updates will feed to the database in real-time from both online and batch systems.

GDT LOAD TESTER – Transaction Load Testing lets you simulate online transaction load in a GDT COBOL environment.  It is especially useful for transaction testing, volume load testing, performance measurement, and troubleshooting.

GDT WEB DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT – Web Enhancement is used to develop graphical web page versions of the standard GDT terminal emulation screens or develop stand-alone web applications that access GDT or other application data through the same single interface.

COBOL Portfolio Analysis
Portfolio Analysis provides a powerful  flow-charting, impact analysis and central data item repository capability for your Micro Focus COBOL applications. It will allow COBOL programmers to use a central repository to analyze the usage of data items or variables throughout a set of programs, a complete application or the whole system and instantly see what will be impacted by any change to that item or variable.

It can also be used for identifying and extracting business rules which will assist greatly in any on-going re-engineering efforts

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