With more than a dozen Xcelsius Black Belt specialists on staff, InfoSol provides a complete range of Dashboard development, deployment and support services including:

    • Proof-of-Concept Servicesxcelsius-profit-and-loss-dashboardxceslius-travel-dashboard-dashboard
      Building and delivering Xcelsius dashboard solutions in your environment to demonstrate the value prior to a full deployment
    • Dashboard Design and Planning Services
      Assistance in designing and planning effective dashboard solutions
    • Dashboard Solution Development Services
      Developing complete dashboard applications, including connectivity, distribution, refresh and security
    • Dashboard Knowledge Transfer Services
      You drive, we navigate, as we work along side you to show you how to develop and maintain effective dashboard solutions
    • Dashboard Education
      InfoSol will soon have their own educational offerings focused on dashboards.  More information is coming soon!
    • Xcelsius Dashboard Add-On Components
      Providing additional components to further extend the functionality and visual content of your Xcelsius dashboards. Inovista, Centigon Solutions, Data Savvy and Get Dveloping offer a wide range of Xcelsius Add-On Components.

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Dashboards visualize key performance indicators for the decision makers at all levels of an organization.

Dashboards are powerful tools that combine multiple sources of information into a high impact visual display. Their interactive nature and consolidation of real-time data enables easy trend analysis, helping you to make informed decisions. InfoSol is a leading provider of dashboard services and has worked in a wide variety of industries to bring dashboard solutions to its customers using SAP Business Objects Dashboards (Xcelsius).

InfoSol also offers the ability to create stunning HTML5 dashboards by utilizing InfoBurst Apps, click the link to learn more!

Project Squirrel

Project Squirrel is the code name for an exciting new BI dashboard and data visualization solution to provide a fully supported follow-on to Xcelsius (SAP BO Dashboards) incorporating the key features and providing a migration utility to migrate existing Xcelsius dashboards to Squirrel. We are aiming to make it the most intuitive dashboarding UI on the market, combining beautiful design with code-free intelligence.

Learn More About Project Squirrel

Dashboard Gallery

View our dashboard gallery where you can demo dashboards created with Xcelsius and InfoBurst Apps/HTML5.

xcelsius-tutorial-views-dashboard xcelsius-golf-dashboard IBApps-HTML5-Solar-Dashboard IBApps-HTML5-Drive-Better-Dashboard