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The dashboard gallery below highlights sample dashboards built with Squirrel365, HTML5, and Web Intelligence that were designed by InfoSol’s team showing the application of data visualization in Business Intelligence implementations and scenarios.  Click on the image or link in the description to interact with these dashboards.  The HTML5 sample dashboards were designed by InfoSol’s team using a combination of InfoBurst Apps and various Javascript libraries including JQuery and Kendo UI.  These dashboards demonstrate the utilization of data visualization for Business Intelligence with a focus on customization and use on mobile platforms.

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InfoBurst® Apps

Squirrel365 Dashboards

Squirrel365 is an exciting new BI dashboard and data visualization solution. With a familiar interface and key features, you also have a way to migrate existing Xcelsius (SAP BO Dashboards) files into Squirrel365.

Carbon Emissions Footprint Calculator


The CO2 Emissions Calculator Dashboard, built in Squirrel, gives you the ability to see the impact that your organization has by generating an estimated carbon footprint based on a few simple questions regarding employees and office space. Not only that, but you can see what impact you would have on the world if every company operated similar to yours, as well as seeing where you fall in the bell curve of all other organizations.





Dashboard Gallery - Global Pellet Trade


The Global Wood Pellet Trade Dashboard gives an overview of the wood pellet market across the globe. You can see the trends of exports and imports of wood pellets across various regions, the detailed raw numbers, as well as a Sankey chart to create a dynamic visual of where pellets are coming from and going to. With the ability to filter for different regions and years, this gives us a powerful insight into the global market of wood pellets.





Development Profitability Squirrel Dashboard ScreenshotDevelopment Profitability Dashboard: The Development Profitability Analytical Dashboard is an Squirrel Dashboard. Recently converted from its SAP Dashboards counterpart, the dashboard shows incredible flexibility and functionality using a combination of infographics and Squirrel Components.

The dashboard KPIs focus on the top ten United States cities to assist developers and investors to understand and make decisions based on immediate growth areas, economic trends, development costs, and crime rates.

The custom design includes dynamic charts and tables, dropdown menus, dials and slider objects are capabilities that can be transferred to any dashboard.


Drive Better Squirrel: The Drive Better Dashboard was originally designed in hand-code HTML5. The InfoSol dashboard design team recreated the dashboard using InfoSol’s latest Squirrel dashboarding solution.

The challenge was to recreate the exact look and feel of the custom HTML5 drive better dashboard within Squirrel. All functionality was recreated in Squirrel except for the 3rd page (shuffler).

The Driver Better analytical style dashboard answers the question “what is the environmental CO2 emissions and financial expense of my driving style depending on auto?” The users of the dashboard include prospective buyers, existing auto owners, and auto sales members.

The custom design includes dynamic charts and tables, dropdown menus, dials and slider objects are capabilities that can be transferred to any dashboard.


School District Planning Squirrel DashboardSchool District Planning Dashboard:  The School District Planning dashboard was developed for the Arizona School Districts CFO’s, School board members, and legislature to track spending and budgets by district. Originally, the data was tracked in an excel spreadsheet.  Community members, school board members, school district finance departments use the dashboard to make finance and budget decisions and review benchmarks based on the district’s revenue, expenses, and budget management. The dashboard allows flexibility in views and detail to visualize the information over multiple year trends and district comparisons.



Ministry of Health Dashboard GIF

Ministry of Health Dashboard: The Ministry of Health Dashboard is a Squirrel365 designed Dashboard. InfoSol’s dashboard design team built the dashboard for the Ministry of Health. Note: Mock Data is supporting the MOH dashboard.

The dashboard is an interactive tactical dashboard monitoring the hospital’s KPI’s in real-time. The hospital management and leadership teams monitor and track all MOH’s hospital efficiencies and quality metrics.




HTML5 Dashboards

InfoSol Dashboard Gallery - Ticketing HTML5 Dashboard

Red-light Camera Dashboard: Red-light Dashboard is an operational and Geo-spatial dashboard designed and developed in house using modern responsive principles and technology such as Angular, NodeJS and MySQL, and Google Maps. This Dashboard displays financial statistics using a traffic, parking, and violations data.





World Wildlife Fund Tigers Dashboard GIF

World Wildlife Fund: The World Wildlife Foundation Dashboard is a custom HTML5 dashboard InfoSol developed in JQuery. The objective of the dashboard for the WWF is to monitor and grow the tiger population. The robust dashboard monitors the Tiger’s landscape and environment in addition to monitoring the tigers’ fauna and flora ecosystem. The WWF’s objective is to double the tiger population by 2022.

The WWF dashboard is used globally by governments and NGOs to understand the direct impact of their efforts to protect and improve wildlife habitats in their countries. The dashboard is inspirational by showing the global improvements countries are making on their wildlife environment.

In partnership and support of the World Wildlife Foundation, InfoSol designed and hosts the WWF Dashboard.

Web Intelligence Dashboards

Web Intelligence Alerting Dashboards Screenshot


Alerting DashboardThe Alerting Dashboard is a custom built Webi Dashboard made in version 4.2 Support Pack 7. This dashboard showcases a rolling header and push button interactivity with vibrant colors and design. The Alerting Dashboard was designed to show Revenue by product, order year or by a specific salesperson. This way not only can total revenue and revenue goals be viewed, but separate breakdowns to see where all the revenue is coming in can also be viewed to help drive sales. 


Web Intelligence Analytical Dashboard Screenshot

Analytical DashboardThe Analytical Dashboard features not only an eye-catching custom dashboard look and feel, but also plenty of interactivity to make any dashboard user say ‘WOW!’ With the goal of being able to determine Total Revenue from each customer, all the way down to what the top item being ordered is, the Analytical Dashboard shows it all. Thanks to the integrated filter selection, switching between time periods and metrics has never been easier on this report. 

The Analytical Dashboard shows how using a strong color pallet and modern design can positively impact the user experience with the dashboard.


Web Intelligence Revenue and Product - Geo Maps Dashboard Screenshot

Revenue and Product – Geo MapsThe Revenue and Product Dashboard implements viewing total revenue by product via an interactive map. Not only does this dashboard interactively filter with the map, but great color coding instantly displays the stronger states for revenue compared to the weaker states. This impact, visually, creates immediate attention as to why Revenue is so low in certain states thus investigating the dashboard further to determine what is not bringing in adequate revenue. 



Web Intelligence Revenue and Product - Multi Charts Dashboard Screenshot

Revenue and Product – Multi Charts Dashboard:
The Revenue and Product – Multi Charts Dashboard is another version of the Revenue and Product – Geo Maps Dashboard. This Dashboard uses the tree map for the different state selection within the dashboard. Interacting with the tree map will filter the results by that selected state.   


Web Intelligence Strategic Dashboard ScreenshotStrategic Dashboard – The strategic dashboard was created to implement ease of access to hospital related data. This dashboard provides quick access to where patients are located, how many, their gender, and age. On top of that, each department is drillable, so the user can view further detail such as wait times, length of stay, risk factor, etc. This way, no matter which department is using the dashboard, adequate attention is given to the areas needed most.

The Strategic Dashboard delivers a strong visual implementation of multiple hospital statistics so that patient care can constantly be improved in every step from admission to discharge.


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