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The dashboard gallery below highlights some HTML5 and Xcelsius sample dashboards that were designed by InfoSol’s team showing the application of data visualization in Business Intelligence implementations and scenarios.  Click on the image or link in the description to interact with these dashboards.  The HTML5 sample dashboards were designed by InfoSol’s team using a combination of InfoBurst Apps and various Javascript libraries including JQuery and Kendo UI; the Xcelsius dashboards utilized InfoBurst Dash.  These dashboards demonstrate the utilization of data visualization for Business Intelligence with a focus on customization and use on mobile platforms.

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dCode HTML5 Dashboard - Drive Better dCoded

Drive Better Dcoded – dCode and HTML5 Dashboard: This dashboard is a replica of the original hand coded HTML5 dashboard used to show off IBApps. This dashboard was a challenge to see if we could recreate the look and feel of the custom HTML5 within Xcelsius. All functionality except for the 3rd page (shuffler) is incorporated. Determine how driving style, fuel prices and other factors influence your fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Select your vehicle and your driving style using the dropdown, dials and slider objects, and instantly view your costs and efficiency in the dynamic charts and tables.




Development Profitability Dashboard Development Profitability Dashboard: This dashboard, developed in SAP Dashboards, showcases a variety the capabilities available when leveraging third-party components in Xcelsius. Centigon’s CMaps component is used to create the map of the USA, while InfoSol add-on charts are used to display the data in the dashboard.






School District Planning Dashboard - dCode and Xcelsius

School District Planning Dashboard: This is a school district planning dashboard created to highlight the advantages of using Infosol add-ons components. This dashboard also demonstrates how well 3rd Party components work within a dCoded dashboard.






InfoSol Survey Dashboard Xcelsius DcodeInfosol Survey Dashboard: Infosol Survey Dashboard displays company’s survey data into an organized, appealing view that allows for both a high-level presentation of trends and data, as well as drilling down deeper into the actual figures. This dashboard, developed in SAP Dashboards, showcases a variety of components available when leveraging third-party tools in Xcelsius. As example, Centigon’s CMaps component is used to create the map of different countries, while InfoSol add-on is used to display the dashboard data.


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