InfoSol Green Services

InfoSol’s Green Services is an innovative offering of remote Business Intelligence consulting and training services that can be performed remotely, without the need for you or us to fly, drive, or spend hours in transit, saving you time and money while also helping to save the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Remote Consulting Green Hours

Green Hours are an environmentally friendly way of providing services for BusinessObjects and associated solutions at a fixed low cost that will result in significant savings over our standard on-site consulting rates, and without the additional travel and living expenses.

Working together remotely, we reduce our impact on the environment and instantly deliver Business Intelligence consulting and training services when you need it. Everyone wins, including the trees. For Every Green Hour purchased, together, we give back by planting one tree.

Apply Green Hours to the following Consulting Services:

  • BusinessObjects
  • InfoBurst
  • Squirrel
  • Tableau
  • Web Intelligence
  • Crystal
  • Data Services
  • Dashboards to Go
  • Development Services
  • Audits and Studies
  • Knowledge Transfer by Web Casts
  • Project Management
  • Software Upgrades and Migrations
  • Data Modeling and Data Warehouse Design

Together, we invest in your business and our environment with Green Hours.



How Many Trees Has InfoSol Planted with Green Services?

InfoSol Green Hours Trees Planted Graphic


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