Tech Tip: Content Validation for Reports Scheduled via Email

Business(s) and their units send hundreds to thousands of emails out via report scheduling. Delivering the correct reports to the right person is mission critical for efficient business process. Currently, a recall email feature exists for incorrect emails sent within network, but the recipients are notified of the email recall. Verifying the report and person prior to distribution is critical prior to external distribution.

Today, many businesses use an internal developer to verify the email and Business Intelligence document content prior to distribution. Their process includes copying themselves on the email with the documents, randomly spot checking a few emails, then re-running the schedule post validation.

Aware of email and report verification challenges, InfoSol assisted their InfoBurst customers to leverage the report bursting solution by delivering documents to a shared drive for review, then disabling or enabling a delivery or simulate a delivery for content and person validation.

To improve efficiencies and the existing review process for email content and distribution, InfoSol is unveiling a new module for Email Content Validation in the InfoBurst Build 237.  The innovative module is activated through an opt-in feature within each burst. The burst creator nominates the group to approve or reject the content for critical burst deliveries prior to distribution.

The Email Content Validation module has three core objectives:

  1. Enforcing Validation for any external emails and attachments
  2. Verifying the correct recipients receive the appropriate files
  3. Re-sending content to selected recipients without re-running the schedule or burst


This tech tip details the steps for Email Content Validation while bursting documents via InfoBurst.

After upgrading the InfoBurst server to InfoBurst Build 237, open any existing burst-> navigate to Burst Properties -> Email Options -> Select the check box “Defer email Deliveries for Validation”

Content Validation Settings:

  1. “Group performing the Validation” – Assign a group of users who validate the Email Content for the burst
  2. “Wait for Validation: ‘N’ Hours” – InfoBurst holds the email for ‘N’ hours before it automatically rejects the emails
  3. “Delete Content after: ‘N’ Days” – The Content validation system holds the email documents for N Days in the system. This is the window for resending the documents.

After the burst is executed and the individual documents are created, InfoBurst holds the Send email process and executes the new Save Email and Send Review Email process.

The nominated group receives an email with a web link to review the message and content for every email recipient.

Example of a sample email from a burst with the Content Validation Setting:

The reviewer clicks on the link and approves or rejects the content prior to distributing the external email. InfoBurst sends the emails contingent upon approval by a user in the nominated reviewer group.

Administrators access the content review portal by using the link syntax below:


Additionally, InfoBurst allows the user to resend emails with attachments for selected recipients without re-running the burst. An activity log records the user’s activity in the nominated group.

If a burst displays a failure for selected recipients, InfoBurst’s Content Validation module allows you to quickly select the failures and resend only to the failed recipients. (See below) Select the Recipient List button in the To Review screen to execute this process.

The Content Validation module includes the capability to store backups of the emailed documents. InfoBurst, new content validation system, simplifies the content reviewer’s validation processes and diminishes the risk of distributing the wrong reports to the wrong person.

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