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Looking for best practices, how to’s and more? All of our BusinessObjects and Business Intelligence tech tips will be listed under this category.

End of Life for InfoBurst 2.6

Background InfoBurst 2.6 has been servicing our customers’ report scheduling and bursting needs for 10 years. While it has served that purpose well, it was designed to service what are now legacy reporting environments like BusinessObjects XIR2. Current reporting platforms like SAP Business Intelligence 4.1 are not supported. It also …

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Tech Tip: Log4j Java Library Vulnerability and SAP BusinessObjects

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Systems and services that use the Java logging library, Apache Log4j between versions 2.0 and 2.14.1 are all affected, including many services and applications written in Java.(1) The problem lies in Log4j, a ubiquitous, open-source Apache logging framework that developers use to keep a record of activity within an application.(2) …

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BusinessObjects in the Cloud – No Big Rush and No Big Deal

While we have definitely seen an acceleration in organizations using or moving operational applications to the cloud, Business Intelligence has lagged behind. Today, the majority of BusinessObjects customers use the product on premise and that will not change for a while. Why? Well firstly, if the main data warehouses, repositories, …

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Tech Tip: Merging on Variables in Web Intelligence

One of the often overlooked additions given to us in the 4.2 SP3 release was the ability to merge data on variables, not just dimensions.  For many years we have lived with these restrictions in Web Intelligence: 1.) You could only merge on dimensions, not on variables. 2.) The data format …

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