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InfoView – Adding a Data Warning Message

Question: Our data is very sensitive and we’ve been asked to provide a warning to users accessing InfoView. Can I do this without using the SDK? Answer: Yes. This requires a modification of the InfoView configuration file for your web application server. For Tomcat, this configuration file is in: <BusinessObjectsInstallation>\Tomcat\webapps\businessobjects\enterprise115\ …

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Crystal Reports – Changing Grid Size

Question: How can I change my grid size from measuring in inches to centimeters? Answer: Change your overall Regional and Language Options in the Control Panel. When working on reports that contain many objects in one section, it is very helpful to turn on the grid in Crystal. File>Options>Layout (tab)>Design …

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what’s BOB?

BusinessObjects users worldwide use the BusinessObjects Bulletin Board (affectionately named “BOB”) to learn from and about each other. BOB was created for and is maintained by individuals like you: people who want to get the most out of their investment in Business Objects products. BOB can be found at http://www.forumtopics.com/busobj/ …

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