The InfoSol 2019 Business Intelligence Dashboard Awards

One truly inspiring moment of IBIS 2019 was the Annual InfoSol Dashboard Awards. The InfoSol Dashboard Awards is an international competition showcasing dashboard developers and organizations innovation in business intelligence. The categories are as follows:

Best Business Dashboard Award

Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard Award

Most Valuable Dashboard Award

Dashboards continue to be the primary interface of business intelligence solutions. Paul Grill, emphasizes BI gives us the ability to ask What happened? What is happening? What could happen? Every year, companies’ creativity and ingenuity in using business intelligence to see beyond the data  keeps getting better. Let’s learn about the IBIS 2019 Dashboard Award winners.

Best Business Dashboard Award

The InfoSol 2019 Best Business Dashboard Award went to CLEMIS CAD.

CLEMIS (Courts Law Enforcement Management Information Systems) is an information technology co-op delivering cost-effective technology solutions to multiple counties, servicing criminal justice, public safety, fire agencies, and animal control based in Oakland County, Michigan.

The CLEMIS CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) won the Best Business Dashboard Award due to solving multiple business challenges for their customers. One challenge CLEMIS CAD solved was to stay in compliance with the CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) security policies by implementing a dispatch dashboard. Without the dashboard, CLEMIS CAD would have had to provide one computer work station for each dispatch center to stay in compliance with CJIS.  The decision to create a dashboard saved a ton of money for their clients.

The dashboard was developed in WebI, because their users were already familiar with BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. More importantly, the WebI dashboard provides the command staff and team an at-a-glance visualization to review time-sensitive data without the restriction to one work station per dispatch center on the CAD network. The dashboard enables the viewer to drill into more details and map incidents, resulting in quicker response times due to the access of real-time data.

An exciting fact is the CLEMIS CAD team developed the WebI dashboard because they learned how to create Webi dashboards at IBIS 2018!  CLEMIS CAD’s future is bright. The dashboard developed for the dispatch centers is creating additional requests from their clients for the development of future dashboards. We are looking forward to their dashboard journey!

Congratulations CLEMIS CAD!

Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard Award

The InfoSol 2019 Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard Award went to Holman Strategic Ventures.

Holman Strategic Ventures delivers disruptive technologies and innovations to their parent company Holman Enterprises.

Holman Strategic Ventures wanted to solve a business challenge for their vehicle fleet clients “Can we predict engine failure?” The team developed a predictive model to predict engine failure in fleet vehicles.  Holman used fleet vehicle telematics (data collected near-time on a vehicle) as their data set. Through the predictive model, they developed a dashboard predicting engine failure based on the vehicle’s history.  Predicting engine failure can save their vehicle fleet clients a lot of money, because they can get the vehicle in for maintenance before it creates costly repairs and additional expenses.

Congratulations Holman Strategic Ventures!


Most Valuable Dashboard Award

The InfoSol 2019 Most Valuable Dashboard Award went to Adobe Inc.

Adobe is the global leader in digital media and digital marketing solutions. Adobe provides creative, marketing and document solutions that empower everyone – from emerging artists to global brands – to bring digital creations to life and deliver immersive, compelling experiences to the right person at the right moment for the best results.

Adobe won the Most Valuable Dashboard Award because they solved several business challenges and developed a strategic global dashboard to manage their products life cycle and customer journey Adobe management teams. The Adobe team solved their business challenge by delivering design and functionality to the dashboard, addressed the managements need for collaboration on the dashboard, supported a vast amount of data refreshing the dashboard and best of all it is mobile friendly.

Congratulations Adobe Inc!

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The Awards are open to any organization that has developed an interesting, cool, compelling or innovative Business Intelligence dashboard application or solution solving a business challenge, which is being used for the business today.

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