How to Skip Dataflows for Testing or Restarting a Job for Recovery

Tip: How to Skip Dataflows for Testing or Restarting a Job for Recovery

Trick: Use Bypass

One of the greatest features of SAP Data Services is the ability to divert dataflows/workflows in a large workflow or job with multiple steps.

This becomes very important when performing system testing or an even more critical situation- recovering an overnight job from failure!

There is a trick to getting this to work, however, you need to create a substitution variable first that will set the bypass to true.

We will cover that as well.

In our example, we are going to bypass a dataflow that is one step in a much larger workflow.


Basic skills and knowledge in SAP Data Services


Log in to SAP Data Services

Go to Tools -> Substitution Parameters and create new one called $$Bypass = YES



Open a workflow that contains multiple dataflows as steps


Right-click a dataflow and select the Bypass option


Select the [$$Bypass] parameter created before



The dataflow will now show a no symbol


Execute the job and the log will show the dataflows as bypassed!


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