Tech Tip: How to Document IDT Universe Information

Tip: How to Document IDT Universe Information

Trick: Use Save as

One of the features of IDT is to document all available setups that were performed on the business layer and data foundation of a .unx universe.

In our example, we are going to document E-fashion Universe’s Business Layer.


  • You need to have a PDF reader
  • Basic skills and knowledge on IDT


Login to IDT and Open the E-Fashion Universe

Go to its properties and click on the Summary

You will see all available values that you can document into PDF.


Right Click on the Business Layer of E-fashion and Click on Save As.



Select the content you want documented and click on report location.



Make sure the “save as” type is PDF and find a location to save this document and click on Save.



In the next screen, confirm your report location (save location) and values that you want documented and click on finish.



You will now see that a PDF is being generated.



Once this is done, you will see this pop-up. Just click on Close.



Now you can navigate to the new PDF and open it to see all the values documents.


Do this same process for the Data Foundation.

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