Five Cool Techniques to Keep up Your Sleeve to Design Visually Appealing and Dynamic Webi Reports

First: To capture the value selected in Input Control/ Element Link in a cell


Input Control and Element Linking are very frequently used WebI features to create highly interactive WebI reports or dashboards. The goal is to display the user selected option from the radio button/drop down/list box or selected in a table or chart view.


The Input control does not list a Cell as dependent element.

There is currently no built-in function to capture a specific Input Control selection.


Use the following formula and display in a Cell

=If(Pos(ReportFilterSummary();”ObjectName Equal “)=0;”ObjectName: All”;”ObjectName: “+[ObjectName])

ReportFilterSummary is the only function that lists selection as part of all the report and block filters.


Visualization data elements: Number of Order by Product Name: This is the dependent block.

Input Control: Product Group: All option included



Add a Cell to the Report and add the following variable with the stated formula:

vSelectedProductGroup =If(Pos(ReportFilterSummary();”Product Group Equal “)=0;”Product Group: All”;”Product Group: “+[Product Group])

This way you don’t need to calculate the position or length of the value within ReportFilterSummary() result. You will check whether a value is selected or not.




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