Runali Ghosh

Five Cool Techniques to Keep up Your Sleeve to Design Visually Appealing and Dynamic Webi Reports

BusinessObjects Tech Tip Feature Image

First: To capture the value selected in Input Control/ Element Link in a cell Goal: Input Control and Element Linking are very frequently used WebI features to create highly interactive WebI reports or dashboards. The goal is to display the user selected option from the radio button/drop down/list box or …

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Xcelsius Tech Tip: Overcoming Checkbox Shortcomings

The checkbox is one of the most common UI elements that allow its users to have binary choices and it is available out-of-the-box in Xcelsius/SAP Dashboards. However, the Xcelsius component is limited due to the inability to control the selection or reset to its default state in run-time programmatically. In …

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Line Charts – Series Name at the End of the Line

Light at the End of the Line When I use a multi-series line chart in my Xcelsius dashboards, there is more than one way to identify each series: 1) display legends 2) display data labels with “Series Name” enabled 3) mouse-over each data point to see the series name. But …

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