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BusinessObjects Solid for the Next Decade and Beyond

This is usually the time of the year when people make predictions about the coming year. I have done this myself many times but, this year, I am going to make a prediction about the next 10 years. Here it is : “BusinessObjects will continue to thrive and remain the …

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Let’s Speak BO Webinar: SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3 SP4 Roadmap with SAP France on Tuesday, February 7th

Let's Speak BO Webinar - Upcoming Event

Attend this session to explore the roadmap and future directions of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, including: What’s coming in the next releases, as well as the timeline and priorities for 4.3 SP4 The enhancements to help you adopt the BI 4.3 How the BI 4.3 SP4 will prepare the next …

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BusinessObjects Web Intelligence vs. PowerBI – The Truth from the Trenches Part 4

BusinessObjects vs PowerBI Part 4 Feature Image

So, for Part 4 of this blog series, I would like to review how you can leverage BusinessObjects to enable and accelerate tools like PowerBI.  There appears to be a general misunderstanding that organizations can save money by converting from BusinessObjects to PowerBI. Nothing could be further from the truth. …

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