Xcelsius Dashboards

Xcelsius and SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

Human Resource Analysis Dashboard

This Dynamic Dashboard displays an employee based analysis for Medical Centers in an unspecified area. This Dashboard contains a Label Based Menu with three tabs: Overall, By Location, and By Business Unit. There are eight Combination Charts and six List View Charts in this Dashboard. Under the “By Business Unit” …

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Auto Insurance

The Auto Insurance Dashboard was designed as an executive dashboard for A9 Insurance. Its goal is to provide critical Key Performance Indicator (KPI) information to A9’s executives in a high level summary. Upon first opening the dashboard the Written Premium tab appears. On this tab the different coverage types are …

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Cholesterol Dashboard

The cholesterol dashboard was designed to monitor and compare cholesterol statistics from the national level down to the patient level. This powerful dashboard allows health care professionals to analyze trends and uncover new insights about cholesterol trends at various levels. Dr. Smith is a Cardiologist in Phoenix, AZ and wants …

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Public Sector Dashboard

The Public Sector dashboard provides an overview of sources of income, distribution by department and special projects in the fictional City of Freemont. The dashboard landing page shows a summary of different income sources such as Sales Taxes, Property Tax, Permits, etc., along with a brief description. The pie chart …

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